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My intent for the place for is to provide readers with breaking news of world, business and sporting importance in a quick and compact format. I also write short editorials on topics of political, business and current affairs that I deem important or entertaining.
I began my professional career as a writer for Standard & Poor's in New York City in 1980. I became a financial advisor the next year and over the course of the next 25 years, list some of the most successful investors in the country as clients. After 25 years as a Financial Advisor with nine years as a Branch Manager, I retired from Smith Barney as a Vice President of Investments.
Since 2004 I have served as an arbitrator on over forty FINRA panels.

I am active in stock, ETF and bond trading, and have been publishing since 2006.
My personal activities include music and physical training. I have assisted in training at the local literacy center.
Graduate of the University of Miami, BBA in Finance

My friends and readers have a great day!